Keanu Reeves, NFTs and The Art World’s Double Standards

Discussions around art always give rise to vehement disagreement. This is because art is hard to define and even more difficult to place a value on. Recently, Keanu Reeves rubbish NFTs saying that they’re easy to replicate, and that art is about experiencing something, not owning it. He instantly gained huge support in ridiculing what many think is a stupid trend that’ll soon die out. While NFTs may not end up being a permanent fixture in the digital marketplace, they do raise very interesting conversations around art ownership and value.

How Mobile POS Systems Have Changed The Game

The concept of a mobile point of sale (POS) system has been around for a long time. We’ve all seen the credit card machines come to the table at a restaurant now. However, the game has been significantly changed in recent years with the independent POS providers. You get a small machine that connects to a smartphone or tablet, allowing you to use it quite literally anywhere there is cellphone signal.

Stocking Fillers Every Tech Geek Will Want This Festive Season

With Christmas being just a couple of weeks away, the countdown is on to purchase a gift for those love tech in your life. However, not just any gift will do. You want to get a great gift. In other words, don’t expect to merely grab the first 40GB hard drive you have never installed or Aunt Louise’s fruit cake recipe on a thumb drive and then expect that your recipient to fawn over how caring you are.