The world is moving more and more to automation every day. Many assume that in the future traditional jobs will be replaced by automation of some kind, now may be the perfect time to start preparing your kids for a future in programming.

There are currently a lot of programmers out there, but full stack developers and multi-language programmers are still rare and highly in demand. The future is in automation, meaning the need for proficient programmers will never go away.

When To Start

For teaching kids how to code, there is no set timeline. As many articles as you may have seen discussing it, in practice, it is still not all that common. The best time to start your kids on the basics of programming is when your kids have mastered the basic use of the device. Be it a cellphone, tablet, iPad or computer, all have simple games which are meant to teach children the basics and fundamental elements of coding.

What to start with

There are a few great games aimed at starting to teach children the fundamentals of coding. They are engaging, fun and educational. These are some of the best games to start your children on to begin learning how to code.

  • Minecraft education – Minecraft is one of the most played video games of all time. The traditional version can be a great creativity outlet for any child or adult, with some specular creations coming in all forms. Minecraft Education is a more recent release which introduces some coding aspects into the game. This may not be ideal for very young children, but if your child is already playing video games on PC, Minecraft education is a fantastic addition to help lay a solid coding foundation.
  • Blockly – Blockly is a Google project which helps kids learn to code in a drag and drop code format. Depending on the particular sub game, the drag and drop elements are small routines and substructures intended on teaching children how the fundamentals of coding work. Blockly also has more advanced games to move up and learn even more about coding in games.
  • Kodable – Kodable is likely one of the best games for young kids. Kodable is rated for 6+ and features a remarkable parent section to understand pace and a learning syllabus. Concepts like if/then statements, loops and other more complex features all come naturally in controlling the game in front of you. Kodable starts off very simply, allowing anybody to learn how to manipulate code easily.
  • Hopscotch – Hopscotch takes the next steps on the coding journey, introducing basic design and features of creating your own game. This open-ended sandbox style of environment allows the coding of characters and the implementation of actions via an intuitive drag and drop action or code. Hopscotch is great for anybody to get to know the basics of making your own program.

Regardless of the program you choose, understanding the fundamentals of coding at an early age will be of great benefit to anybody in the future.