With Christmas being just a couple of weeks away, the countdown is on to purchase a gift for those love tech in your life. However, not just any gift will do. You want to get a great gift. In other words, don’t expect to merely grab the first 40GB hard drive you have never installed or Aunt Louise’s fruit cake recipe on a thumb drive and then expect that your recipient to fawn over how caring you are.

Would you like to make a big impression without getting a humongous gift? Check out our list geeky stocking stuffers for Christmas.

Chromecast With Google TV

Don’t know where to get a good and inexpensive gift for the techie in your life, you definitely can’t go wrong with a Chromecast. The most recent Chromecast with Google TV is the one to get at the moment. It doesn’t matter if your giftee already uses Google products. As with other Chromecasts, this one lets you stream movies and TV shows from major services such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu as well as HBO Max.

The Google TV interface has always been quite straightforward to navigate, however it’s simpler than ever thanks to the remote which now comes standard with the Chromecast. It has:

  • An Assistant button which provides you with quick access to voice commands,
  • A circular D-pad,
  • Shortcut buttons for YouTube and Netflix, and
  • Support for HDMI-CEC and IR,.

This allows you to control your entire TV with it. And, as opposed to larger set-top boxes or smart TVs which your recipient may already have, the Chromecast is portable so they are able to take it with them to make binge-watching their favourite shows easier when they’re not at home.

Apple Watch Series 2

At the top of just about any wish list would have to be the latest Apple Watch Series 2, where function finally meets fashion in a sport watch.

On the shelves in time for Christmas is the Apple Watch Nike+, which is a model that is made specifically for runners. Its lightweight, breathable band is more comfortable to wear. A shortcut on the distraction-free interface takes the wearer straight to their vital stats, such as run map, calorie count as well as step tracker.

Tapping into Nike’s existing Run Club software, the watch delivers personalised coaching, recommends fitness gear, and provides access to nearby fitness events.


It sounds like old news; however the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite really is the best in the game. Anyone who is interested in buying an e-book reader this year should really investigate the attributes of a Paperwhite.

When compared with its predecessor, you’ll notice that the display quality is better, the battery lasts longer and it offers far more storage. Also, it’s waterproof in 2m of water for up to two hours. So if you’re reading on the beach, by the pool, or in the bath, you don’t need to worry about making sure that you keep your e-reader dry. And it’s that much simpler to clean if something spills.