Learning needn’t be hard work. In fact, thanks to the wonderful world of tech, kids have no reason at all to shy away from learning a new skill.

From subscription boxes for kids to games that teach them how to code, we’ve added the best ideas to our list of top tech toys for helping kids learn.

For Tiny Learning Tots

Imagine having a smart octopus-bot for a teacher.

Thanks to the Thinker-Tinker Octobo Advanced Pack, following interactive stories and even developing motor skills and learning how to spell have never been more fun or engaging.

In the box you’ll find Octobo along with two story-guided interactive storybooks for hours of effortless learning fun.

You’ll find Octobo at Amazon. For ages 3 to 8.

Flycatcher Smarty JOJO

The Flycatcher Smarty JOJO is where physical toys meet the world of digital tech.

Shaped in the form of a lovable aeroplane, the JOJO teaches young minds about identifying colours and shapes and everything in between.

Also, there’s much talking (by the gadget!) and lighting up going around.

For ages 3 to 5. Flycatcher Smarty JOJO is available from Amazon.

Sphero Mini Activity Kit

This one is for budding young robot-builders.

The pack includes an accelerometer, gyroscope, and drivable Sphero Mini ball. It runs on batteries and provides 45 minutes of play to a charge.

Fifteen projects are included in the kit – for building, playing, and even learning simple coding.

This one’s for ages 5 and up and it’s available directly from Sphero.

Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit

If the little genius in your home has taken an interest to character boards, then look no further than the Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit.

Included are a play mat, a variety of silicon rings for crafting letters and shapes, 19 different colourful costumes for expert-made characters just waiting to be dressed up, a downward-angled mirror, and a stand for displaying their handiwork.

This particular set of gadgetry does however require a tablet. The mirror connects to the tablet and allows the device to scan your creations and capture them into any one of Osmo’s games.

Compatible with the starter kit are 4 free apps that kids can use while parents play at gamingca.net.

This one’s for ages 3 to 5 and it’s available from Target.

Leapfrog On The Go Story Pal

Leapfrog’s On The Go Story Pal comes in the shape of a cute bunny that will melt any young tot’s heart.

The bunny comes with a handy strap for carrying, volume control (important!), and a headphone jack.

You’ll find it at Amazon.