For the last century, the only way to improve one’s education was by attending school and tertiary institutions, and for those that couldn’t afford either, it meant that a lot of people remained uneducated. But with the rise in popularity of the internet, that began to change. Today, people can earn certifications and even degrees without having to leave the comfort of their own homes, thanks to a wide selection of first-class learning websites and platforms.

With a computer and an internet connection, it’s now possible to have access to everything needed to earn a qualification in a huge range of fields. Here we will look at some of the best learning platforms that are available at the moment.


Coursera is fairly unique, working as a distribution platform for a variety of university courses. The company behind the site has partnered with universities and learning institutions from across the world, and that means that some of the classes that are offered by Coursera are some of the best in the world, and are led by instructors that are often the best in their fields. Many of the courses that are offered by Coursera are free to read through, watch, and even join in, but they are only available for a specific length of time, after which a learn will need to buy a subscription.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning was originally known as, being named after its founder. LinkedIn then acquired the learning platform in 2015 as a stand-alone company, which was the purchased by Microsoft just a year later. Much of the coursework offered on the site is focused on development and technical aspects of modern computers, and it’s the perfect place for those that have a passion for technology. There are currently more than 600 coding courses available to try, as well as course on photography, video editing, web development, design, and much more, making it a hub for the technically minded.

Khan Academy

Another big name in the industry is Khan Academy, a bastion of free learning that’s open to everyone that has access to the internet. Here, the range of topics is much broader than the last two entries, and it’s even possible to learn basic school subjects from the ground up. Khan Academy is designed to help everyone from the ground up, regardless of their previous education, and it’s a powerful tool for upliftment without having to always win at to pay for the courses.


Udemy has one of the largest collections of courses in the world, currently sitting at over 150,000, making it a prime choice for anyone that hasn’t been able to find their field of interest in any of the other offerings. Many of the courses on the site are completely free to use, but for certain specialisations, it’s expected that a fee will be paid to the site. All of the course that are paid come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, giving users the chance to try them out without the worry of permanently losing their money if the courses just aren’t for them.