Mobile marketing has become the new standard, and with almost everyone across the world using a mobile phone as well as the internet, it only makes sense. Think about the digital landscape, and how you can connect with the rest of the world without leaving your home. And if you do leave your home, most coffee shops and other establishments tend to have Wi-Fi hotspots to help you stay connected.

Let’s Look at The Numbers

In 2021, we saw the number of mobile users increase to 6,378 billion, with mobile app revenue reaching $693 billion. If this doesn’t show you the power of mobile marketing just yet, keep reading as we take a look at trends from 2021 that are still applicable in 2022.

2021 Trends Guiding 2022

Behaviour Shaped by The Pandemic: There’s no doubt about it, COVID-19 has changed the way consumers behave and choose to interact with brands. Distanced-based shopping is the new normal and interacting in the online space is the go-to for many.

Digital Transformation Is Key: As we have already seen, the world has gone digital at an accelerated rate due to global events. As a result, consumers and brands alike need to keep up with changing trends and the technology required to utilise them.

Video Content: Whether it’s Facebook Live sessions, Zoom meetings or simply online content, video has very quickly become a part of daily living. Brands need to start producing more video content to keep up with changing needs.

Social Activists: Society has become more aware – and more vocal – about the issues we’re facing. Brands need to find ways of aligning with these causes to position themselves as caring and interested in changing the world for the better.

Paid Advertising: Ad spending has been increasing as of late as brands try to reach a wider audience. This means that budgets are increasing as well as SEO efforts to ensure that the right audience is targeted.

Data Privacy: Customer data needs to be protected and is something that has been publicised a lot. With people knowing their rights, brands are being forced to rethink how they collect, use and share data.

2022 Trends to Keep Up With

Tying into the previous section, let’s look at how mobile marketing in 2022 is predicted to look.

Shorter Videos: TikTok and Instagram have shown us that the future of social media is video, not lengthy status updates. Short clips have been receiving a lot of engagement and it’s an inexpensive exercise too.

Tell Stories: This has been a no brainer when it comes to marketing, you need to tell a story. Storytelling is nothing new and should be a part of your strategy as it gives customers something to relate to.

Personal Touch: Customers are looking for brands that are customer-centric and focused on personalising the experience. The days of using a blanket approach are over.

Multiple Platforms: Increasing your reach is easier to do when utilizing multiple platforms. Having said this, you will need to adapt your approach per platform for the best results.

Past Meets Future

This year we’re seeing marketing trends build on what had been established in 2021, taking them to new heights. Instead of trying to start from scratch, rather work on what you have and set out to improve on it.