Programming, also commonly known as software engineering or coding, is currently the fastest-growing career path in the world, and one of the highest paying too. Coding is often taught to those that take a computer-related degree, but it’s also possible to become a proficient and competent professional coder by simply learning online.

It takes a lot of practise and there’s an incredibly steep learning curve, but it’s also usually worth it in the end when we’re making more than enough to get by comfortably on. Let’s take a look at some of the best resources around for those wanting to learn how to code.


GitHub is the world’s leading platforms for programmers right now. It’s fantastic for both solo developers as well as teams, allowing two or more people to merge their finished code without causing any issues. It’s become the most prominent platforms around when it comes to open source software, allowing the public to inspect the source code.

GitHub can take some getting used to at first, but there’s lots of documentation available, and making an account is free and easy. For anyone wanting to create their own projects or contribute to other projects, GitHub remains one of the best coding resources around.

Coding Camps

One fantastic way of learning the basics of programming is by attending a coding camp. These can be both offline and online, and usually consist of seasoned programmers teaching the basics of a specific language.

They are generally quite short in length as only the fundamentals are covered, but they are also interactive, allowing beginners to ask questions and gain insights into their chosen language that they might have missed while trying to learn on their own, whether it was for a new program or for writing software for online gambling casinos.


While Reddit at one point wasn’t the best place to turn when out came to programming questions and information, that has changed dramatically in recent years. The website has become a hub of developers of all shapes and sizes, and makes for a great place to pose both simple or complex questions. The subreddits are moderated, making it a much friendlier place in general compared to some other social networks of a similar nature.


Similar in some ways to Q & A platforms like Quora, StackOverFlow stands out in that it’s aimed primarily at software developers. There have been thousands of questions asked here for decades, meaning that it’s one of the best places to turn when looking for an answer for a specific question. It remains one of the most popular forums around for gaining valuable information on programming as well as other IT-related questions.

Hacker News

Another great platform to get info from is Hacker News, which is among the most reputable developer-focused sites around. It’s an easy way to learn what’s happening in the world of software development, and to see what other developers are up to at the moment. It’s a simple forum but also one of the most-used in the online sphere.